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Módulo 1: Introdução ao Inglês

1.1 Saudações e Apresentações:

  • Vocabulary: Hello, Hi, Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening.
  • Dialogue Practice: Greet and introduce yourself in English.

1.2 Alfabeto e Pronúncia:

  • Learn the English alphabet and common sounds.
  • Pronunciation drills for challenging sounds for Portuguese speakers.

1.3 Vocabulário Básico:

  • Numbers 1-20, common objects, and everyday phrases.
  • Interactive exercises: Matching games, flashcards.

Módulo 2: Gramática Básica

2.1 Estrutura da Frase:

  • Subject + Verb + Object.
  • Practice forming sentences with different subjects, verbs, and objects.

2.2 Present Simple Tense:

  • Positive, negative, and interrogative sentences.
  • Verb conjugation exercises: play, eat, study.

2.3 Verbos Comuns:

  • To be (am, is, are), regular and irregular verbs.
  • Practice conjugating "to be" and common verbs in different tenses.

Módulo 3: Comunicação Cotidiana

3.1 Descrevendo Pessoas e Lugares:

  • Adjectives (big, small, happy, sad).
  • Describe pictures and engage in conversation using adjectives.

3.2 Pedindo e Dando Direções:

  • Vocabulary for directions.
  • Role-play exercises for asking and giving directions.

Módulo 4: Expandindo o Vocabulário

4.1 Atividades Comuns:

  • Vocabulary for daily activities.
  • Write short paragraphs about your daily routine.

4.2 Tempo e Datas:

  • Days of the week, months, and telling the time.
  • Practice talking about schedules and making plans.

Módulo 5: Exercícios Práticos

5.1 Diálogos:

  • Role-playing dialogues with a partner.
  • Create and act out real-life scenarios.

5.2 Exercícios de Escrita:

  • Write short essays or stories about personal experiences.

5.3 Prática de Escuta:

  • Listen to English podcasts, songs, or watch short videos.
  • Answer questions based on what you hear.

5.4 Compreensão de Leitura:

    • Read short articles, stories, or news in English.
    • Answer comprehension questions.